A future of Shared Communites and Life-Long-Learning

Narrative 4 – Cologne Workshop

In our Cologne workshop we also developed a perspective on a potential futures, that was highly focused on the relations between us – generations, neighbors, families. It doubled down on sical realities and education with two corse claims that were laid out in the form of two Headlines:

1. End of Retirement Homes

Envisioning a future of an „integrated multi-generational“ city, it spoke of the very last single compound building being torn down. Instead, the citizens of Cologne has decided to go for a holistic approach of families, where younger and older generations naturally live together. By helping in other out and working together on all things family, financials, house hold, and friendship, the citizens of this future Cologne revived the spirit of the village community – in light of a globalized and interconnected world. The new normal in the future is a shared understanding of community, where loneliness for the elderly is just as much overcome as detached search for identity and social frames is for the young generation. The city’s architecture allows for this by providing housings that cater to diverse requirements of its tenants – from private and personal spaces, to shared gardens and community rooftops!

2. End of stupidity

In the same vein but with a different focus goes the second headline of coming out of this future: The „End of Stupidity“ is a concerted effort by all EU-Cities, that implemented Life-Long-Learning Institutions for everyone. „By opening the University of La Lienvenida now every EU citizen hass access to regional Life-Long-Learning Institutions“. Putting curiosity and learning center, now only for the youth, but every phase of the human life, the EU in this future implemented free, always available education systems for all its citizens. Labor standards and social systems have been adopted to allow for this academic society to strive – and in fact in turned out, that economic returns of well-educated and reflective people well exceed those of past EU societies. The opening of the University La Bienvenida made regional education, even in the periphery, 100% complete.

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