Next up: Copenhagen on June 24th!

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Our next event is in Copenhagen on June 24th, and we would love to see you there!

Are you sick of hearing about Trump, Brexit and Le Pen? Are you tired of gloomy visions about the end of democracy, “European values” or even the entire West? So are we!

We find it much more interesting to ask: How would it look if everything turned out fine after all? For us and for the world in general? How could alternatives to these dark visions look?

In this half-day workshop we explore the questions: Which future do we actually want to live in? What do we want for our family, friends, city and Europe in the future? What do we dream about when we think about the day after tomorrow?

Please come join us in developing future visions that encourage reflection and the desire to work together for a better world of tomorrow.

The event will take place in the centre of the city and there will be free snacks and drinks. There is no entrance fee.

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