Kick-Off in Cologne is a wrap!

Last week we had an exciting kick-off for Futures Of Europe in Cologne. Co-inciding with the national covention of Germany’s populist new-right, we voiced our own protest by discussing and envisioning positive and desirable futures for our cities, neighborhoods, and families.

We had a diverse and open-minded crowd with us, ranging from artists, a futurist, a psychotherapist, teachers, and more – and we jumped into the discussion of big and general questions, as well as tiny details and concrete examples. After about 5 hours we came up with four narratives, framed as “good news from the future”, that shed some light on the future of housing, (social-)mobility, sustainability and the social contract. We will write up those narratives and publish them here in the coming weeks.

Our first take on this matter was a refreshing and interesting experience, we learned a lot and are very looking forward to round two in Copenhagen, coming up June 24! We’d love to see you there and are of course happy to hear your thoughts! For some impressions on the first workshop, see below.


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