Free Movement 2.0

Narrative 3 – Cologne Edition

This future scenario took the idea of free movement a proper step further. Coming from today’s observation, that free movement within the EU might be possible in theory, but few having the resources to actually move, they flipped the idea atop: The head line reads „Nuremberg is a coastal city now!“ – the idea behind it: what if moving apartments, cities, countries was 100% free? What if every citizen could choose where to live, regardless of economic constraints? If you could move everywhere you would like to like – not just for a short term holiday, but as long as you wish? The paper accordingly paints this picture, with Nuremberg as the first European city to move collectively to the sea, opening up the question of what makes for a city? It’s buildings and infrastructure – or its citizens?

As it turns out 100% free movement also has its impact on personal live – with an elderly couple that shares 60 relocations together, having not only traveled, but lived all over Europe. Again, we discussed what this would do to European identities? Imagine every European could live in all Europe, making the continent truly accessible for everyone.

Thirdly, EU funded movements made actually holidays almost obsolete. Since people could just live their lives wherever they pleased, the need for „escaping grim everyday life“ almost vanished – as clearly stated in a prominent graph. What if our live could be feeling like constantly being and living in the right place. Would the be a good or a bad thing? Would there even be abandoned regions (as the paper shows?) Would that mean another level of democracy – a literal voting with your feet? We wonder..!

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