Global Voices – Sarah AL Jabri El Jahmi from Sana’a Yemen

[This text is part of a series of essays that were sent to us by young writers from across the globe on how they see Europe and its future. More essays will be published over time.]

I want to say I am very happy to write about an important subject like this, especially as an outsider.

We hear and see a lot these days about terrorism and increasing [numbers of] terrorists, also about the explosions that shake the security and stability in a lot of countries whether Arabic or foreign.

I’m not from Europe and I do not live in it but I want Europe to become within the next 30 years a unified country that includes every nationality and does not divide [anyone from anyone among] the people – a unified country against any radicalism and terrorism and [want it to] be a great example for other counties, defend the oppressed and take their rights from the unjust.

The racism rising in Europe shapes and the Arab, Muslim, Sinti/Roma and black [communities] in Europe by causing assault, violations, and hatred towards them.

I want Europe in the next 30 years [to be] empty from the racism and work on a clear strategy and cooperation strategy with Sinti/Roma and Muslims, come together with them and not intimidate people from the Islamic religion.

We also need to improve the awareness in media and [school] curricula. Racism leads to nothing except the violence and hatred. Most important of all is to build up and educate the new generation so that all the people are equal and all of them are brothers with no difference between them.

I want Europe in the next 30 years [to be a] country of justice and equality, a country that seeks to spread peace in the world, a prosperous country in every field –  a country that makes everyone who hears about it say how much they wish they were from Europe that great country.

Sarah AL Jabri El Jahmi from Sana’a Yemen

[edits: Moritz Borchardt]

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