Life in Optimism

 Narrative 2 – Cologne Workshop

The second narrative developed in our first Cologne-based Futures of Europe event followed a consciously optimistic view of the future:

It imagines a world in which the science-scepticism of the early 21st century has been overcome as a globalized humanity realized that its only realistic path towards a prosperous future was a shared, scientifically literate one.

Representing this, a successor to the United Nations – or reformed UN – plays a key role in shaping the destinies of the planet’s inhabitants. Moving beyond the post-World War II roles of regional powers in bodies such as the Security Council, this new World Government truly does embody the geographical makeup of the population. To symbolize this, the Government is nomadic in nature, making only months-long stops in individual locations before moving on to allow for all its citizens to have equal access to their elected leaders. This modus operandi for any modern legislative body is dependent of and first enabled by technological progress that allows for the mobility and transportability of staff and infrastructure while reducing the environmental, social and political costs to a minimum.
Similarly, this future imagines a humanity that has moved beyond ‘single planet status’ and started to colonize and make use of the solar system, investing in its exploration for scientific discoveries and natural resources, replacing the need to further exhaust the already strained resources on planet Earth.

In this futures newspaper (dated: 26/04/2047), the following major headlines could be found:
– The last gasoline-powered car has been retired was put into the newly founded “Museum of Outdated Technologies” in Nairobi, Kenya – marking one more symbolic step away from the industries and thinking on the 20th century.
– The first gubernatorial elections on Mars have successfully concluded with a win from Earth-born Frank March for the Mars Citizens Initiative, marking both a milestone for the planet’s 50.000 colonists – and likely one of the last earth-born representatives of the red planet.
– New Life forms have been found in the sub-surface ocean of Jupiter’s moon Ganymede, report scientists based in the research outpost on the moon’s surface – the creatures are said to be highly adapted to life in the lightless depths of their environments. First images are expected to be de-classified by the end of the week.
– Jon Jhons is the first post-gendered person to be elected both Mr and Ms Universe, tearing down one more barrier of heteronormative thinking.

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