The future of transportation

Narrative 2 – Copenhagen Edition

At our Copenhagen workshop, global warming and pollution were brought up as some of the major issues that we have to find solutions for in the future. So one group sat down to discuss it.

While acknowledging that there are numerous sources of pollution that need to be dealt with (agriculture for one), the group decided to mainly focus on means of transportation.

One Globe

The group envisioned a future where people are even more connected than they are today, so they named their fictional newspaper “One Globe”. In the future, knowledge about sustainability should be shared more efficiently across borders. Besides, it should be even easier to travel between different countries, experience different cultures and learn from them. This is necessary in order to overcome today’s dangerous tendencies of fearing the “other”, to turn this fear into knowledge, and to create a sense of global solidarity.

But while the benefits of increased connectivity were clear to the group, there seemed to be a backside to the story: While increased connectivity might result in increased openmindedness, cultural understanding etc., wouldn’t increased travelling also surely result in more pollution?

How to be more connected while reducing pollution

Air travel has become the easiest and cheapest means of transportation within Europe – but travelling by train is less pollutive. The fictional newspaper therefore announced the happy event of the very last polluting airplane taking off! Unless that means we found a way to create non-polluting airplanes, it means aviation has been replaced by the less-polluting transportation by train.

In order for trains to become the main means of transportation in the future, the group envisioned two new inventions:

Firstly, apart from having developed less pollutive trains, we will have developed trains that can travel underground at the speed of light!

Secondly, we will have created an efficient Pan-European railway system! By implementing a system that works at the same (high) standard all over Europe, travelling becomes easier and an equal option for all Europeans.



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